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    Madame Moustache brussels 8th Birthday Bash

    RARE AKUMA (Dj set) feat. hrmns. (live Mc)
    + MARVY DA PIMP (Dj set)

    RARE AKUMA (Cloudshaper agency)
    For those of you who have never heard about Rare Akuma before, imagine the music of this young Antwerp-based producer labelling his own beats as ‘ragecore’, his beats – mostly including brutal basslines and screaming rappers - are not for the faint-hearted.

    Akuma is on to something; one just needs to take a quick look at his Soundcloud profile to notice the millions of views this young man has racked up already. That, plus a collab with SUICIDEBOYS , and you have what we call a new kid on the block that’s worth keeping an eye on. Trapping out has never felt so much like moshing. Let’s see who this Rare Akuma fellow really is.

    MARVY (Booty Call Records/ Rinse France)
    Marvy is a versatile DJ and Parisian producer, well-versed in everything from electronic music (House, Bass, Tech) to urban music (Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk) …

    Who's Marvy Da Pimp?Is the question relevant? Booty Call Records co-founder, party agitator and recognized producer for his skills, his high-energy makes him hard to follow, even for a teen eager of clubbing and digital rhythms.

    Former graffiti artist and hip-hop lover, he's promptly affiliated to the booty bass and ghetto tech scene as producer and club pyromaniac during his residencies at Social Club, Batofar and Nouveau Casino.
    Marvy, THE french touch's pimp played with references from Major Lazer (Diplo) to ARMAND VAN HELDEN and many more.

    Girls, Party, Clubbing and bass music aficionado, as his soul father Dj Funk, he preaches the electronic dirty talk.

    Marvy, it's also a wider musical range (from heavy metal to hip hop, pop of original scores...), which makes him a outstanding producer, treating blogosphere with filthy - but finely crafted and sharp - mixes and tracks.

    Heavy beats enthusiast, Marvy signed tracks with Top Billin', Street Tease, Electrobounce, Underground Construction…However u can, follow Marvy and enjoy a endless night of non-stop dance.


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