Pan-European Picnic 1989 /2019 – Opening Road to Freedom

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    "Never in history have so many owed so much to so few."
    Winston Churchill

    Pan-European Picnic Exhibiton
    The aim of the photo exhibition is to present the history of the Hungarian Iron Curtain as well as the series of events that led to the demolition of the Berlin Wall.
    The majority of the photos are part of the the Lobenwein collection.
    The curator of the exhibition is László Nagy, board member and secretary of the Pan-European Picnic '89 Foundation.

    On August 19. 1989 an unusual picnic took place. A group of Hungarian oppositional from the cities of Debrecen and Sopron organized a peaceful demonstration on the border between the Hungarian town of Sopron and the Austrian town of St. Margarethen. Thousands of people showed up and the picnickers were encouraged to take home bits of the barbed wire that separated the two countries in the past. At the same time hundreds of East Germans took the opportunity to cross through the border while guards stood idly by. This was the greatest exodus after erecting the Berlin Wall, which shocked and "paralyzed" the east European dictators. This event was the first domino, which fell, and became a catalyst convincing the Prime Minister Miklós Németh to open the Hungarian borders on the 10/11th of September 1989. This event led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and at last to the end of the Yalta World Order.

    The exhibition welcomes visitros from 20 to 30 November 2019.
    The opening ceremony is held on 20 November 2019 at 7 PM.


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