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    MARUANI MERCIER is proud to present Hovering, Paul Kremer’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

    As the exhibition title implies, Kremer's new Float and Drop series are about hovering, and the act of being uncertainly still in between two states. It's about what might happen. Being trapped in a moment, while at the same time animated.

    Both deal with weight, and gravity, and weightlessness above and below ground and water, and anticipating what might happen.

    Permanent unknown information.

    Paul Kremer prefers traditional methods, creating flat fields of colour with fluid acrylics on raw canvas. His overlapping shapes of colors produce optical interactions based on digital software. This results are crisply executed and lively minimalist paintings that are continuously evolving. Throughout his work, the artist retains links in palette, formal cues and essentialist virtues.

    In his earlier career as a graphic designer, Kremer’s clients included Lou Reed, Tom Waits, MTV and National Geographic. He also created the internet phenomenon Great Art In Ugly Rooms, with virtual realistic renderings of historical works in laundromats, public restrooms, and discount stores. ? Kremer was the co-founder of the legendary I Love You Baby, a Houston-based group of artists that held all-night painting parties in the early 90s.

    Paul Kremer currently lives and works in Houston, Texas.

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