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Ostend Beach - 10/11/12 July 2020

World's No. 1 Beach Festival is set against a beautiful coastline, with ample space and the perfect atmosphere for the summer season. If you're going to be in the area at that time, we definitely recommend checking it out, as the festival celebrates it’s 11th edition in 2020! Electronic music brings the country's north coast to life, as local and international artists build up the great vibe at the wonderful beach of Ostend.

Website ? http://www.OstendBeach.be/
Facebook ? http://www.fb.com/OstendBeach
Twitter ? http://www.twitter.com/OstendBeach
Youtube ? http://www.youtube.com/OstendBeach
Official Hashtag ? #ostendbeach

We are an eco-friendly Beach Festival, est. 2010. We respect, love and enjoy the beach as our playground, united by the love and passion for electronic music. 

All the attention to detail that goes into hosting our festival is meant to keep it an inclusive event set in a unique environment. 

We host a beach boutique festival with 4 different stages per day with national and international dance acts & dj’s. Offering an array of musical styles with more established artists and upcoming dj’s. 

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