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    In three online sessions and hopefully three in real life sessions we will read The Robbery of Nature by John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark in which they examine capitalism’s relation to its natural environment as a robbery system, leading to an irreparable rift in the metabolism between humanity and nature. The ecological crisis, according to them, amounts to a corporeal rift in the physical organization of living beings themselves, raising critical issues of social reproduction, racial capitalism, alienated speciesism, and ecological imperialism. The sessions are not an endeavour of specialists or insiders, everybody brings the knowledge and experience they have to the table and we will work towards a shared, although not necessarily consensual, understanding of the topic. It is advised to read the chapters of each session beforehand, in order for us to discuss and reread parts of the chapter together during the session. The book is in English, English will be the main language of conversation but open to contribute in other languages. The reading group will take place on Zoom. Moderators and contributors to be announced. That Might Be Right is an organisation of cultural practitioners dedicated to (re)searching, developing and supporting alternatives to the present.


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