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NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM is a project initiated in 2018 by Guillaume Cazalet (CZLT) and the veteran saxophonist player Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (Ze Zorgs), both based in Bruxelles. It resulted in a bifacial entity, sometimes calling for a primitive voodoo trance with percussive intonations, dominated by rhythm and a savage movement, sometimes towards a psychedelic meditation with prophetic and spiritual accents resting on an amplified drone music where time is explored, harmony, the power of the tonic and its iridescent harmonics, durability, weight, ruin.

From this alliance were born a first EP, ”The Conference Of The Stars” (2018), and “Éons” (2020), the first album divided in three pieces each respectively dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. On the coming 23rd April, the new LP “Solar Drone Ceremony” will be released.

By exploring the evolution of the human species, particularly through the use of speculative texts in Homo-sapiens prototypal language (*Pierre Lanchantin), they question the future of the living on earth. They try to create a sense of acceptance of the end of the "Anthropocene" era through a musical experience.

The experience that is witnessing the band live is consolidated with visuals done and screened by A Thousand Lost Civilizations.


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